Tanita MC 780 MA body analyser

artikelnr TAN-MC780MN01A
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Tanita Kroppsfettvåg MC 780 MA
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  • Leverans per UPS
  • Tanita provides a warranty of 5 years for professional use
  • High-tech standing scale: ultra precise up to 270 kg of weighing capacity
  • Multi-frequency segmental body fat scale - 3 frequencies provide very precise whole-body and segmental measurements.
  • User-friendly – the interactive console provides instructions for entering personal data and for the measurement, which can thus be performed without any help from a specialist.
    • Body fat %
    • Body fat mass
    • Fat mass
    • Fat-free mass
    • Muscle mass
    • Total body water
    • Extracellular water
    • Intracellular water
    • ECW/TBW ratio
    • Body mass index
    • Bone mass
    • Determination of build
    • Classification of visceral fat
    • Basal metabolic rate kcal
    • Basal metabolic rate indicator
    • Metabolism age
    • Phase angle
    • Body fat distribution
    • Muscle mass balance
    • Leg muscle value
    • Segmental measurement values for each leg, arm, and the...
    • Fat (%)
    • Fat mass evaluation
    • Muscle mass evaluation
    • Reactance/resistance
  • The console can be turned around so that the data cannot be seen or for use by very corpulent people.
  • All results on the body composition are displayed on the easily readable, extra large LCD display. The measurement results and the complete segmental analysis are clearly displayed on both of the displays.
  • The integrated SD card device allows for automatic data collection and data download as needed – on an SD card with 2 GB, more than 10,000 results can be stored.
  • Using the customer-ID function, continuous measurement data can effortlessly be recorded for each customer. In addition, large amounts of anonymised data can be compiled for research studies.
  • The complete consultation form can be printed out on a Pictbridge printer connected to the MC 780 right after the measurement for further discussion.
  • The scale is compatible with the GMon health monitor software and allows for database management, health condition evaluation, and generation of progress reports.
  • Modular 3-component design for simple installation and maintenance and easy transport.
  • Accredited according to MDD Class IIa and NAWI Class III.
  • Including a free webinar (explanation on using the scale) right from the manufacturer Tanita

The MC-780 multi-frequency segmental body fat scale is perfect for an immediate analysis of the health and fitness of a customer and for tracking his or her progress over time.

The MC 780 scale is designed as an interactive independent system. Customers step onto the scale and can perform the measurement without any help from a specialist. A complete segmental body analysis is performed in less than 20 seconds. The large LED double display shows the measurement data of the body analysis and the detailed segmental analysis in a clear format.

The measurement results are automatically saved on the SD card, sent to a PC, or transferred to a printer and can be printed out as a consultation form for a meeting with a specialist. In addition, the data can be sent to a PC or a Windows tablet through a Bluetooth adapter, without any wires.

In goal mode, target values can be set for weight and body fat in order to increase motivation and display real progress in a weight or fitness programme. All user data can be saved and used for detailed trend analysis with the GMon health monitor software.

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