Compact EMS training with Bluetens
Bluetens offers EMS training to go. After all, whether in the office, hotel, or the living room at home: the particularly small and lightweight Bluetens muscle stimulator can be used anywhere. All Bluetens products are designed and used by experts in medicine, sports, nursing science, and physiotherapy. Their positive effect on health is medically certified. Competitive athletes from all disciplines have already discovered Bluetens for themselves. However, the small blue muscle stimulator is just as suitable for office people who sit a lot and want to integrate a little massage into their everyday life. The Bluetens muscle stimulator relieves pain naturally.
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The Bluetens app

The connective device can easily be controlled via smartphone. The free and user-friendly app has over 100 programmes in 15 body areas. The connection to the smartphone is automatic via Bluetooth and ensures that the Bluetens muscle stimulator is ready to go in just three minutes. Among other things, the app provides expert tips and shows where the electrodes should be placed. That makes EMS training very easy.

About Bluetens

Bluetens is a French start-up company. Founded in France only in 2014, Bluetens introduced the first connective electro-stimulation device developed by health experts and certified as a medical product just one year later. After an intensive test phase, Bluetens has been commercially available since September 2015. Since then, Bluetens has already received several awards, including for design and for being one of the best French start-ups.
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