cardiostrong Mini Elliptical Trainer

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  • Mini exercise bike / cross trainer for more movement while sitting
  • Exercises the legs and buttocks while sitting and helps to flatten the abdomen thanks to higher calorie consumption
  • The additional movement improves blood circulation in the legs
  • Joint-friendly and ergonomic movement
  • The movement is easy and simple to perform: does not interfere with work or watching TV
  • 8 resistance levels
  • Small LCD display with calories burned, time, steps, distance
  • With integrated carrying handle
  • Almost free of noise
  • Reading, watching TV, office work, waiting, listening to music, chopping vegetables - all these sedentary activities can now be made to move, contributing to a healthier lifestyle!
  • Incl. anti-slip mat, if you want to use the mini elliptical trainer, for example, on tiled flooring
  • dimensioner i uppställt läge - cardiostrong Mini Elliptical Trainer: (L) 51 cm x (B) 41 cm x (H) 29 cm
  • Tekniska specifikationer:
    • broms: manuellt justerbar magnetbroms
  • Träningsdator:
    • motståndsnivåer: 8
    • visning: tid, varv/min, kalorier,

We would like to introduce the cardiostrong Mini Elliptical Trainer: the perfect solution for anyone who wants to stay active even while sitting down. This innovative trainer allows you to work out your legs and bum while working, watching TV or simply relaxing at home, and therefore also help give you a flatter stomach.

With 8 resistance levels, you can adjust the intensity of your workout to your own fitness level. Ergonomic and joint-friendly movement ensures that you can exercise without subjecting your body to unnecessary stress. The movement is so smooth and quiet that the device will not disturb your colleagues at work or yourself watching TV.

Thanks to the small LCD display, you can easily track your progress and see your calories burned, distance, steps and time. With the integrated handle, you can easily move the trainer from one room to another. And with the included anti-slip mat, you can be sure your trainer won't slip or slide on any floor surface.

The mini home trainer/crosstrainer gives you the opportunity to transform any sedentary activity into a healthier one. Whether you're reading, watching TV, doing office work, waiting, listening to music, or even chopping vegetables, you can now do it all while having a great workout.
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Mini velo elliptique
5 personer tyckte att den här recensionen var till hjälp
Parfait pour faire un peu de sport avec mon coxarthrose. Facile à utiliser, moins de douleurs qu'avec un vélo classique.
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Das Gerät erfüllt genau seinen Zweck. Es ist super leise, einfach zu bewegen und zu verstauen. Der Widerstand ist schnell verstellt. Meine Eltern sind sehr zufreiden und ich nutze es auch nun selber immer dann, wenn ich homeoffice mache.

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