Century - your world leader in martial arts gear and equipment
Century Fitness is the world's leading supplier of martial arts equipment. Century offers martial arts fighters, boxing enthusiasts, and fitness fans an extensive range of high-quality training equipment. The product range of Century knows how to convince users in its entirety with excellent workmanship and high-quality materials, promising special comfort, high stability, and durability. At our Sport-Tiedje shop, you will find everything you need for your next boxing and martial arts workout.
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Century Fitness: extensive offer for every age

Century Fitness has made a name for itself around the world with its high-quality equipment and is the brand of choice among many sports fans when it comes to a versatile workout. For a challenging and intense workout consisting of alternating punching and kicking exercises, Century workout partners, for example, are ideal. Those partners are completely modelled on the human torso in their construction and therefore allow for very authentic sparring. There, you can complete performances from almost any martial art and bring your fitness to a higher level. Century Fitness also offers the right products for the little martial arts fans. There, the offer includes foam pads and throwing buddies for safe and sustainable combat training, among other things.

Century Fitness: innovation through experience

The basis for Century's worldwide success is in its great passion for martial arts, which motivates Century time and again to constantly develop its own products and reach the peak of innovation. At Century, high levels of creativity and brilliant technology come together. A research and development team of talented designers and engineers and passionate martial artists put all their expertise into the quality, design, and functionality of Century products. The goal of all efforts and innovations is only one thing: to support you in reaching your workout goals and to inspire you with the passion of "martial arts" as well.
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