Finnlo Multi-Gym Autark 6600

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  • Multi-functional multi-gym in premium quality
  • High-quality steel housing in an elegant silver/anthracite look
  • Integrated ab & back trainer, leg extension/leg curl function and butterfly unit
  • Height-adjustable cable pull for a wide range of exercises
  • Weight block: 100 kg (cannot be upgraded)
  • Max. Resistance: 110 kg
  • Space requirement: (L) 230 cm x (W) 363 cm x (H) 223 cm
  • max belastning: 120 kg
  • dimensioner i uppställt läge - Finnlo Multi-Gym Autark 6600: (L) 190 cm x (B) 263 cm x (H) 223 cm

Finnlo Autark 6600: Multi-functional premium multi-gym

The Finnlo Multi-Gym Autark 6600 offers the highest quality for the home. Thanks to the professional equipment details and adjustment options, this power-house offers a real alternative to the gym. The multi-gym has a multi-adjustable butterfly unit, a height-adjustable cable pull, as well as an integrated ab & back trainer and a leg extension/leg curl function.

The Autark 6600 is equipped with a weight block of 100 kg, which is distributed over 20 weight plates of 5 kg each. This multi-functional premium multi-gym is therefore not only perfect for beginners, but also ideal for advanced strength athletes. It enables effective muscle building and intensive definition of the individual muscle groups.

Training goals with the Autark 6600

With the Autark 6600, the road to the perfect beach body is not far away. Thanks to the variety of different exercise options, you can build strong and defined shoulders, upper arms and a strong chest. The integrated ab trainer defines the abdominal muscles and promotes the growth of a six-pack.

The Autark 6600 is therefore the perfect training partner for everyone. The various functions help to define the arms, legs and shoulders and firm the chest. Also important here: health-oriented training of the back extensor. Thanks to the back trainer, your back muscles are strengthened and you can face the demands of everyday life without any problems.

Accessories - make the Autark 6600 even better

Training with the Autark 6600 can be made even more individual with various accessories. For the adjustable cable pull, you can also opt for a parallel pull grip, a rowing grip, a tricep support or the entire grip set for multi-gyms. For more training inspiration, we also recommend the Fitshop exercise poster for multi-gyms. Here you will find a variety of exercises and can make your training even more varied. We can also recommend purchasing a floor mat set, which protects your floor from pressure marks, scratches and sweat.

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