Hyfit Gear 1

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  • Hyfit Gear – The smart fitness training system
  • Real-time training data transmission
  • Boundless range of training options
  • Resistance bands with different resistance levels for all muscle groups
  • Abs, biceps, triceps, shoulders and leg muscle training
  • Compact and easily transportable
  • Under 3kg in weight
  • Smart technology, accessed by the app
  • Over 200 guided workouts

Hyfit Gear 1 – Your smart fitness training system

Discover the new Hyfit Gear 1 from Hyfit. Whether during functional or strength training, Hyfit Gear gives you an almost unlimited selection of training options. By the use of resistance bands, resistance is easily adjustable for different muscle groups or fitness levels.
No classic weights are required, with the desired effect still being achieved. Thanks to the Hyfit Gear 1, abdominals, biceps, triceps, shoulders or legs - among other things - can easily be trained at home without the need for further training equipment. All loops, handles and anchors required for training are included in delivery.

Workouts, whenever and wherever

Another advantage of the Hyfit Gear 1 is how this fitness all-rounder is. The Hyfit Gear can be used both indoors and outdoors or during travel. You can either train only with your own weight or use the suspension on a banister, tree or other suitable place to perform the training session. Thanks to its low weight of less than 3kg, the fitness device can be easily stowed in any backpack afterwards.

Hyfit app: Improve your fitness performance

Owing to its special construction, the Hyfit-Gear is based on smart technology and even transmits numerous training data to your smartphone in real time. You will also receive free 12-month access to the whole app, offering you at least 200 guided workouts. Search for your preferred workout amongst the categories and get started right away!
Thanks to the large amount of training data, you are always well informed, can adapt your training and improve your performance. The Hyfit Gear 1 is the perfect personal trainer for the home gym, taking up little space and equipment, but putting every muscle to good use.

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