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Wallbarz stands for a new generation of wall bars. The young brand has relaunched the classic 'wall bars' and therefore makes an important contribution to a healthy, active, and self-confident life for both young and old. You will bring long-lasting climbing and fitness fun into your home for the whole family with Wallbarz's high-quality and sturdy play equipment! Wallbarz wall bars meet the highest safety standards – for carefree gymnastics within your own four walls.
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Distinctive design from Wallbarz

Simple, modern, and child-friendly: thanks to their well thought-out colour concept, the space-saving Wallbarz wall bars blend discreetly into any living environment. In their combination of wood and subtle colours, Wallbarz wall bars are an eye-catcher in any children's room.

Wallbarz wall bars for the whole family

Wallbarz's wall bars are more than just wall bars: in addition to long-lasting climbing fun for the little ones, they also offer varied training options for adults. That is because the models Wallbarz Woodsy, Woodgym, Fitness, and Family are each provided with smart additional equipment.

Climbing ropes, gymnastics rings, and rope ladders give Wallbarz wall bars a high play value for hours of fun. Whether a jungle tour or not touching the ground: in any case, Wallbarz wall bars encourage your child's imagination and creativity.

With the pull-up bar, you turn Woodgym wall bars into a small fitness station. Nothing stands in the way of home strength training for targeted muscle building, stretching exercises, or gymnastics.

Wallbarz wall bars promote the healthy development of children

Walllbarz knows how to perfectly combine play and sports and introduce children to an active life at an early age. After all, exercise is important for children's motor development. Climbing teaches the little ones body control and dexterity, strengthens their total-body strength, and trains their coordination. Along the way, your child will develop more self-confidence and creativity. With Wallbarz wall bars, exercise is simply fun!
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