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BenchK has been making high-quality wall bars and pull-up bars since 2015.
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BenchK - there for all

Wall bars are perfectly suitable for competitive athletes, home athletes, and for rehabilitation. Simply replace the fitness studio with the equipment. With daily exercise, you will improve your fitness level and have more energy in everyday life. By the way, wall bars are also ideal for children. They can let off steam very well there. Training on the wall will also improve the motor development of your child.

Space-saving and trendy

The best thing about the equipment is the space-saving design. For the fitness equipment, you only need 1 m², and you can do an effective workout already. Thanks to the minimal footprint, you can set the products up in any room. Thanks to the attractive and modern design, the equipment visually fits into all living environments. Start with the workout right away. Assembly is very easy and takes less than an hour. You can start with a creative workout already.

The great world of sports furniture

Experience the great variety of products by BenchK. The company offers 6 different product series. The series consist of several products that can be combined with each other in the event of interest. Buy wall bars and later simply combine them with various elements from the product range for an even more effective workout.

By the way: BenchK only uses regional wood for the production of wall bars and pull-up bars!

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