Taurus push-up board with resistance bands

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  • Push-up board with six adjustable handle positions and resistance bands in three strengths
  • Versatile: The six handle positions let you target individual muscles even more specifically and intensively.
  • Full body workout: In addition to the muscles that are mainly trained during push-ups (in the chest and triceps), the Taurus push-up board with resistance bands can also be used to train the shoulders, biceps, legs and back.
  • Three pairs of resistance bands included in the scope of delivery
  • The board is foldable and the handles can be stored in the folded board to save space.
  • Handles with non-slip rubber coating
  • Incl. handy transport bag
  • max belastning: 120 kg
  • dimensioner i uppställt läge - Taurus push-up board with resistance bands: (L) 33 cm x (B) 80 cm x (H) 3 cm

Push-up board with various handle options and resistance bands

Strengthen your entire upper body muscles with this innovative push-up board. Designed for a versatile and targeted workout, this board offers a unique way to do push-ups in six different handle positions.

  • Six adjustable handle options: Each position has been designed to target specific muscle groups and to make your training sessions unique and challenging.
  • More than just push-ups: With three pairs of resistance bands that are directly attachable to the board, you can integrate additional shoulder and bicep training. This ensures your exercise sessions are as versatile and effective as possible.
  • Compact and portable: The push-up board can be easily folded up after training and the handles can be stowed away safely to save space. With its compact design, it's the perfect fitness companion, whether at home, in the office or when travelling.

Treat yourself to an intensive and varied upper body workout wherever and whenever you want. With this push-up board, you not only increase your muscle strength, but also the flexibility and versatility of your workouts. Order now and take your training to the next level!
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